What channels can I track with Voxalyze Smart Links

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Online Channels

Generally speaking, channels that enable the inclusion of links in the promotional content are a perfect fit for tracking with Voxalyze Smart Links. When a user clicks (or taps) on a link to access the content you promote, we collect data we can then map to listening behaviour.

Owned Media

  • Newsletters and emails in general
  • Website (links and cross-promotional banners)

Organic Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram: Stories and the bio link
  • TikTok: bio link
  • Youtube: channel profile, video descriptions, pinned comments of YT Shorts
  • Twitter/X
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

Paid Media

  • Google Ads (including, search, Youtube and display ads).
  • Meta Ads (including Facebook, Instagram & Reels)
  • TikTok Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Pinterest Ads


Some specific formats don't allow the inclusion of links and are thus not trackable with Voxalyze. This includes

  • Instagram Posts: you can only refer to the link in bio
  • Instagram Reels: you can only refer to the link in bio
  • TikTok videos
  • Youtube video end screens: linking out to non-YT properties at the end of videos is only available to members of YouTube's partners program (see conditions for eligibility here).

Out-of-home and print advertising

You can track downloads coming from print and out-of-home advertisement with two different methods.

Method 1: QR codes

  1. Create a Smart Link with the appropriate link settings (follow this guide if it's your first time creating one)
  2. Copy your Smart Link and paste it in a URL shortener service with a QR Code generation feature. Bit.ly is a good option here.
  3. Feature the QR code in the ad with a clear call-to-action next to it.
  1. Create a Smart Link with the appropriate link settings
  2. Ask your webmaster to create a 301 redirect that will automatically send visitors to the Smart Link. For instance websiteurl.com/podcast will redirect to pdcst.to/xxxxxx
  3. Feature the vanity link in the ad with a clear call-to-action next to it.

Of course you can also choose to combine both methods. This will take a bit more ad space but is likely to increase your conversion rate.

TV/Linear Radio

TV and linear radio are notoriously hard-to-track channels and are not a good fit for Smart Link tracking. You will be better off leveraging Voxalyze Data combined with marketing mix modeling (MMM).

If your domain name is short enough and easy to remember, you can still invite users to visit a vanity link in the ad. For more details on how to create one, refer to this section of the article.

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