Working with the Keyword List

When you're on a paid plan, you get access to a detailed list of keywords we found your show on. With the help of this list you can monitor what you rank for and identify opportunities for gradual improvements.

Available keyword data

Average Rank

The average rank shows on which position your podcast was ranked for that keyword on the selected market within the selected time period. If your selected time period for example is 3 months you'll the you average rank for the last 3 months. The range indicator to the right allows you to quickly the high and low during the period as well as the variance. The wider the blue bar, the more volatile your position on that keyword.

Search Volume

Search volume is a synthetic metric we compute to estimate how often a certain word is searched for. Search volume indicators are relative. This means, the higher the indicator the more volume that keyword aggregates compared to all other keywords.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty is a Podcast Visibility Optimization (PVO) metric that estimates the difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword. A higher keyword difficulty means that it will be harder to rank on the first page of search results due to high competition from other podcasts.

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