How to manage access permissions to projects?

Fine-grained access control is only available for enterprise customers.

Users with the roles admin or manager always have full access to all of your projects.

All users in your organization that have the member role assigned are governed by a groups based permission system. This allows you to create fine grained access controls for individual teams or outside partners.

A user group can contain any number of users and projects. If a user is in multiple user groups that span multiple projects, the permissions are combined.


User Alice has the role "member" and is in both group Ads Team and News Team. Ads Team has read-only access to The Test Show while the SEO Team has manage access to that project. Alice's permission would be resolved to have manage access to the project.

Create a user group

To create a user group, you must be an admin or manager. Go to Home > Groups > "Add New" on the Voxalyze web app. On the group creating screen, enter the required information and assign projects and users to your new group.


Note, that only users with role member will be shown as admins and managers have access to all projects.

We recommend to name your groups in a way that reflects your organizations structure.

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