How to add a user to my organization?

User management is available on paid plans only. Depending on your plan there might be a limit on the maximum number of users you can add to your organization.

Adding a new user

  1. Go to the "Users" section on Voxalyze
  2. Click the "Add new" button
  3. In the modal, add the email addresses you want to invite and set a role for each

After you've submitted the email addresses your new users will receive an invite email with confirmation link. Confirmation links are valid for 72h. If a user has not created their account before the link expires, you can re-send the invitation through the users management.

What roles are available?

We currently support three access roles that govern access to organization-wide features as well as the behavior of fine-grained access control through groups.

Role Description

Admin users are allowed to manage all aspects of the account and can perform any action on your projects. Admins are also allowed to update billing information and add new users assigned to any role.

All organizations on Voxalyze have at least one admin account.

Manager A manager can invite new users but cannot assign any role above manager to them. Managers can create new projects and manage access permissions on all projects.
Member (only available on enterprise plans) Members have only access to projects that are assigned to them through group permissions. They cannot invite new users, manage permissions or any other aspects of the organization.
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