Getting started with Podcast Analytics

Voxalyze Podcast Analytics is the most sophisticated analytics tool to track your podcast downloads and audience. Getting started is simple.

1. Create a project

Create a project for the show you want to track.

2. Check the RSS feed URL

Inside your project, go to the "Analytics" tab in the top navigation. This will lead you to the on-boarding wizard. Check if the pre-filled RSS feed URL matches the actual feed URL of your show. If the field is empty or the URL does not match, please enter the correct feed URL. You can typically find this URL in the admin section of your podcast hosting service.

3. Add the tracking prefix to your RSS feed

Add the tracking prefix to your feed and verify the setup. Depending on how you host your podcast, the steps to add the prefix may vary. Check our article on the setup process for specific hosters for more information.

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