How are "downloads" qualified

We follow the IAB Podcast Measurement 2.1 specification for counting downloads. While there are still differences between services following the IAB standard (such as bot blocking techniques and rolling vs. fixed time windows), it offers currently the best comparability across the podcast measurement landscape.

Unique Downloads

Unique download counts are determined by the following rules:

  • Request is not made by a bot
  • Request must not match any exclusion list (such as data center IPs or bad ASNs)
  • User-Agent + IP address + Episode combination must be unique during a rolling 24h window
  • The amount of data downloaded must be at least 1 min of audio (after deducting the size of the ID3 tag)

What if I need to comply with a different measurement framework?

While we have chosen to follow the IAB guidelines, some customers may decide to count their downloads under a different framework. Enterprise level customers can make use of our powerful data querying APIs or decide to tap into the fully enriched event level data feed for their shows. This way any measurement strategy can be applied.

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