GDPR Compliance

For traffic origination from the European Union we apply special rules to aim for full GDPR compliance. In general we strive to not store any data that could be used as personally identifiable information (PII).


For EU based users we never set any cookies on our tracked properties without consent. This means, that on pass-through services, such as our tracking prefix, we don't set cookies at all. You can however decide to set first-party cookies on your own properties in accordance with your own data privacy rules.

Anonymization of IP addresses

All IP addresses collected from users based in the EU are immediately anonymized once they reach our data collector. Due to the small amount of possible IPv4 addresses, hashing is not a viable anonymization technique. Therefore we're reducing the specificity of the collected data point.

For IPv4 addresses, we set the last octet to 0. So instead of we would only store 192.168.178. 0. For IPv6 addresses we set the last 80 bit to zero.

Data Residency & Sharing

All data we receive is stored in data centers inside the European Union. Personal data collected from EU visitors is not shared with non EU-based entities.

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