About Voxalyze crawlers

Voxalyze uses crawlers to ingest data about your podcast. We currently maintain two crawlers that might be requesting public resources such as RSS feeds.


VoxBot is our crawler that continuously looks for new shows and episodes across the internet. It helps us collecting meta-data from RSS feeds for our market level analytics. Typically VoxBot won't request your RSS feed more than once a day. It doesn't download any of your episodes.

VoxBot uses the following user-agent header:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; VoxBot/0.1; +https://voxalyze.com/bots)


VoxBotAnalytics is crawling your feed only if you're using Voxalyze Analytics. It makes sure, the analytics references to your episodes are always up-to-date. This bot might request your feed at a higher rate up to every 5 minutes. The bot is using caching headers to determine if your feed has been updated. If your server is correctly processing etags and/or last-modified headers, the feed's content will be only downloaded on changes.

VoxBotAnalytics uses the following user-agent header:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; VoxBotAnalytics/0.1; +https://voxalyze.com/bots)

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