What is Keyword Difficulty?

It is crucial to know not only the search volume of a keyword, but also what it takes to rank highly for that keyword in order to optimize the visibility of a podcast. That's why we have introduced a metric called Keyword Difficulty in our Keyword Explorer tool at Voxalyze.

What is keyword difficulty?

Keyword Difficulty is a Podcast Visibility Optimization (PVO) metric that estimates the difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword. A higher keyword difficulty means that it will be harder to rank on the first page of search results due to high competition from other podcasts. There are various factors that can influence the level of keyword difficulty, including the quality of competing podcasts and the quality of your own podcast as perceived by search algorithms on listening platforms.

At Voxalyze, we classify keyword difficulty into five levels:

0 - 29 easy
30 - 59
still easy
60 - 79 possible
80 - 89 hard
90 - 100 very hard

Why should you care about keyword difficulty?

It is important to consider keyword difficulty during the keyword research process. By paying attention to keyword difficulty, you can get a sense of the "hot" keywords and major players in your niche, identify alternative keywords that you have a good chance of ranking for, and save time by focusing on keywords that can bring results even if your podcast does not have a lot of authority yet. 

Failing to consider keyword difficulty can lead to the frustrating situation of producing great content and optimizing descriptions, only to discover that you are not ranking at all due to high competition.

To learn more about Keyword Difficulty, check out our blog post about it.

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