What is Voxalyze Visibility Score (VS)?

Find out what Voxalyze Visibility Score is and how it is calculated.

Visibility Score (VS) indicates how visible a podcast is. The higher the score, the more visible the podcast is.

Visibility Rank (VR) ranks all the podcasts in our database by their visibility. The lower the rank, the more visible the podcast is.

Right now, in the United States, Voxalyze Visibility Rank (VR) #1 belongs to the most visible podcast ("Stuff You Should Know", by iHeartRadio), VR #2 belongs to the second most visible ("The Tim Ferris Show", by Tim Ferris),  VR #3 belongs to the third most visible ("Pardon My Take" by Barstool Sports), and so on. 

The ranks are calculated on a by platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify...etc.) and by country basis. The most visible show on Apple Podcasts and Spotify are not necessarily the same, and so does the most visible show in France and Brazil.



Q1: “How is the Visibility Score (VS) calculated?”

The VS is calculated by taking into account the rank at which a podcast ranks on a given search query and the search volume for this search query. For example, a show ranking on the top position on a high-volume search query will contribute more to the VS than the third position on a search query with a lesser search volume.

Q2: “My number of downloads/listens remains the same, but my Visibility Score (VS) dropped/increased"

Only a certain percentage of downloads/listens comes from organic discovery (users searching within the listening platforms). Other common sources of podcast discovery are social media, word of mouth, web searches, blog, articles, forums....etc. All the downloads/listens generated by those sources could vary, so even with the same level of organic discovery, your number of downloads/listens could go up or down

Q3: "Why did my Visibility Rank (VR) drop?"

Because VR is a relative metric, even if your podcast didn’t lose any visibility, other podcasts could gain some visibility and overtake you in rank.

Q4: “Why do my Visibility Rank (VR) vary so much?"

VR gets more volatile towards the lower end of the scale (the less visible podcasts). There are only a handful of podcasts ranking for tens of thousands of keywords, so it takes exponentially more effort to outrank podcasts at this level.

But at the very bottom end of the scale, podcasts tend to rank only for very few keywords. If these podcasts start to rank for just one new keyword, that's likely enough for it to outrank hundreds or thousands of other podcasts.

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